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    Our Beginnings.


    Happee Body was created by a lady named Margarita, who became interested in health and beauty as a respite from her 9 to 5 life.


    After finishing her degree in Philosophy, she began her career in the customer service industry and moved on to hospitality. She quickly noticed her schedule filling and her personal time dwindling. In the small kitchen of a simple home, Marge handmade her first jar of lip balm. She was thrilled with her creation and immersed herself in all the books and research she could find about natural body care treatments. After work and on weekends she would experiment with new bath and body recipes on herself and on friends.


    The joy and confidence she gained, as she learned to take better care of her body, mind, and spirit, sprouted into an idea for a home-based enterprise that helps individuals incorporate regular relaxation and pampering into their lives, enhancing personal enjoyment and fulfillment.


    Our Values.


    True to our beginnings, at Happee Body, we value your time. We also understand that most lives are so full that there isn't much time for anything, especially yourself. But we firmly believe that a happy, healthy, and productive person needs balance. And that means you must have time to relax and let your mind, body, and spirit refocus.


    One simple way we've found to incorporate regular relaxation into a demanding life, is to make an ordinary body care routine a little more, extra-ordinary. We have designed a line of natural and handmade soaps, bath, body and spa products that fit easily and magnify your typical body care routine to help you go beyond ordinary. We believe our handmade, natural bath and body treatments and handmade soaps will make even the busiest person feel pampered and rejuvenated ... right there in your own shower.


    Our Products.


    Each product is handmade just for you with quality natural ingredients. Our products are formulated with pure essential oils, distinctive blends of fragrances, and some of the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, such as shea butter, Manuka honey, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, Matcha, sweet almond oil, and dead sea salt. We also use a variety of herbs and botanicals. Our handmade, natural bath and body products are effectively preserved with the gentlest ingredients available to us.


    We respect all living creatures and therefore do not test any of our products on animals.

  • Raves & Reviews

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    Anti-Acne Sulfur Soap Works Wonders!

    - Zoe L.

    Seattle, WA

    I'm one of those people who've been battling acne since highschool. I'm now 28 and have tried every product and every anti-acne trend without much success. I saw Happee Body's sulfur soap on Etsy and what actually got my attention was the super cute owl dish that came with it. I'm crazy about owls but when I read the description and saw what the accompanying soap was for, I said what the heck, let's give this a shot. If it doesn't work, I'll have this cute soap dish to keep. But what the hell did you know. It freakin' worked! I just washed my face with it morning and before going to bed and I haven't had a new pimple since and is now even lightening the marks of the old dried out or popped ones. Amazing! OMG. Finally! Something that works!

    Backne Begone!

    - Rachelle T.

    The Woodlands, TX

    Got this for my teenage son for the pimples on his back. Worked great! I'm quite shocked as we've tried a lot of products including that popular brand you see on infomercials and at the mall. This was the only one that got rid of it. Thank goodness!

    Hands Down The Best Facial Scrub!

    - Pam M.

    Jackson, MS

    This is hands down the best exfoliating product I have ever used. It is very effective, leaveing my face so soft. It also smells so good. I highly recommend this product. Also, shipping was super fast.

    Takes Me Back to California

    - Lisa B.

    Boston, MA

    My friend and I are NorCal girls and we miss Davenport, Santa Cruz, etc. She instantly grabbed the Half Moon Bay bar and inhaled deeply. I would say it was a great success. Thanks again for a wonderful product with a tincture of home for us homesick West Coasters.

    Happee, Generous Company!

    - Lisa K.

    Lehi, UT

    This product cut me at least a size down. But aside from an incredible product, I am amazed at the generosity of these people! They had an emergency and needed to go away so my order would be late. Not only was I given a refund but several free gifts arrived with my original order! Awesome! Will definitely do business again!

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    Sweet Pumpkin Spice Gift Box
    You're The Balm
    Strawberry Champagne Foot Spa-in-a-Box
    Peppermint Cream Foot Spa Gift Basket
    Facial Spa Gift Box
    Throwback Facial Mask
    Dream Cream
    Lemon Verbena 1 Minute Facial
    Lemon + Green Tea Skin Lightening Scrub
    Lemon + Green Tea Skin Lightening Soap
    Lemon + Green Tea Skin Lightening Soap & Scrub Set
    Anti-Acne Sulfur Soap
    Anti-Acne Sulfur Soap + Lime Owl Soap Dish
    Anti-Acne Sulfur Soap + Purple Owl Soap Dish
    Anti-Acne Sulfur Soap + Teal Owl Soap Dish
    Super Sweat Butter Workout Booster
    Super Sweat Oil Workout Booster
    Adios Cellulite Green Coffee Butter
    Adios Cellulite Green Coffee Oil
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