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2016 Skincare Resolutions

by Marge Maghoney

In line with the last post about Happy Habits for the new year, this is a good time to start being mindful of our skincare practices with a focus on simplicity and natural ingredients that truly nourish our body.

It doesn't have to be a complicated process as we're basically just weaning ourselves off of the bad habits and harmful products we've been used to. Below are 10 tips on how to easily transition to a simpler and greener beauty routine.

1. Avoid hurrying to the store when you run out of something. Think twice before you purchase. Is there an alternative you can use or whip up with what you have in your kitchen? The internet (esp. Pinterest) is a bountiful resource of recipes for natural alternatives for almost product we use. 

2. Don't throw what you have. We're not wasting anything. You're in a good place to start your wellness journey. What you can do is give them a boost with natural ingredients. Add a tablespoon of honey to your body scrub and mix it well. Or a teaspoon of coconut oil to your night cream. Just used your last Crest White Strips? How about mixing 1 tsp. of baking soda, 1 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide and half a tsp. of water to a small amount of toothpaste. Mix them all up and use it to brush your teeth once a week until you see those gorg pearly whites.

3. Use multi purpose ingredients. I find myself using the following in different recipes or on their own so I always have them on hand:

- coconut oil

- honey

- olive oil

- castile soap

- baking soda

- apple cider vinegar

- Matcha tea

4. If you still prefer the convenience of buying something off the shelf or online rather than making it on your own, make sure to read the ingredients. There are good products you can rely on that are truly friendly to your skin and the environment. Don't be swayed by a brand's marketing hype of being natural. Research what their products are made of.

5. Eat right. You really are what you eat and it shows immediately through your skin. Skip the fats and junk and learn to love veggies. Roasting broccoli and brussel sprouts are my current faves. Just season them with salt, pepper and some minced garlic and toss in some olive oil, they ready after after 20 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. Super yum and good for you. 

6. Get enough sleep. For me, it's always been 8 hours. No extensive explanation here. No rest = tired body. Tired body = tired skin.

7. Wash your face at least morning and night. No excuses especially at night before you go to bed. Whatever state your face is in before bedtime, it'll stay there for 8 hours so don't let it marinate in all the oil and gunk it's accumulated during the day.

8. Moisturize. I use a Retinol + Vitamin C serum morning and night after washing my face and I use an overnight gel mask on top at night. I love the way my skin feels so soft the morning after. 

9. Consistent targeted treatments. My weekly schedule includes: 

Monday - facial mask

Tuesday - hair treatment

Thursday - nail care (may or may not include new polish)

These are all DIY so no extra mooh-lah spent at the salon or spa, no drive time and I can do this every single week. Consistency is key and you'll start noticing an improvement after 3-4 consecutive weeks.

10. Keep makeup at a minimum. Yes, I realize this may be a shocker for some but how do you expect to have clear skin when you put layer upon layer of makeup on your face everyday? If you can't completely skip it, just try to stick to the basics -- eyeliner, some gloss, mascara and maybe a little blush. Even if you wash it off every night, it still leaves some residue and all that brushing and tugging and smudging doesn't do your skin any good and will lead to early facial sagging.

What other tips can you think of? Share it with me at

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