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A Feast for the Eyes

by Marge Maghoney

I've always been very visual and my eyes have been even more honed since I got into photography. I usually notice the smallest of things before other people can and have an eye that I'm humbly proud my clients appreciate enough to pay me for.

Aside from its obvious benefits in photography, it has helped me a lot in my previous jobs in customer service and hospitality. Noticing little changes in people's facial expressions and slight adjustments in their demeanor allowed me to recognize their needs before they express them. In those fields, as well as any, it was an advantage and is probably the reason why I've never encountered an irate customer, being able to dodge the bullet before it's even shot.

With Happee Body, my eyes have always been in for a treat with packaging. As much as I love making the scrubs, the soaps and the creams, I am almost equally excited when it comes to wrapping them. Working with my eyes and my hands seem to have always been my element. I get an absolute thrill researching and trying out new ways to package my products. 

One rule of branding is to have one cohesive and unified look to distinguish your product. But the thing is, I'm not a fan of rules and one seems to be a lonely number.

There's a sea of beautiful patterns, colors and fonts out there to play with and I love the freedom to create and mix them up if it feels right for the product.

So many times I've been tempted to create just one look for all of them and so many times I've said "Nah."

I've come to realize that my theme is FUN. My vibe is happy. And one thing will remain consistent. If it's a feast for my eyes, you'll see it on Happee Body.

What kind of style do you like?

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