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Banish Backne

by Marge Maghoney

You check your face every morning and the coast is clear of acne. Wonderful. You've worked your butt off the past months prepping for summer, bikini body -- check!

Now to the mall you go to update your wardrobe with some warm weather friendly clothes. You pick a red tube top maxi here, a cute cut out dress over there and a pineapple print tank in the new arrivals rack.

You undress in front of 3 angled mirrors in the dressing room and pick up the red number. You pull it up, tszug the top part a little bit to make sure it falls just a couple of inches below your armpits but low enough to show off some clea-vahj. You turn sideways to the left and then to the right thinking all those early morning jogs were undoubtedly worth it.

Now you turn your back because you know the booty is as important as the booby and you can't help but smile as you witness how beautifully that fabric hugs your ass. It's a proud moment for mama. You look up to give your reflection a "You did good, pig. You did good." nod but something catches your eye. No, actually several of them, on your back. You scoot backwards to the mirror to get a closer look and the world slows down as you whisper "Whaaat....thhhe....fuuuck?" The dreaded four letter word, not on your face that you've monitored like a cheating husband, but on your back. Sneakily populating on this often ignored open space.

You've got backne.

Oh hells to the no!

Without taking the dress off, you start Googling back acne, monster back, how to get rid of pimples overnight and as a last resort, how to cover up acne.

Girl, nobody ain't coverin' nuthin'!

You've done anything and everything to be the queen of Summer 2015 (at least within your zip code), let's do this right!

Your new BFF? Sulfur.

Sulfur is a keratolytic. A kera what?! When applied onto skin, a keratolytic dries it up and thins out the epidermis. Acne happens when your pores are blocked, trapping oil and all that gross stuff. Sulfur helps it shed quicker, unclogging the pores and getting rid of acne.

It is also highly antimicrobial. Meaning it can kill the acne-causing bacteria that is trapped within your pores. In short, sulfur opens up pores and minimizes the bacteria inside.

So grab a bar of sulfur soap and start scrubbing.

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