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Free gift with each order

by Marge Maghoney

Who doesn't love gifts? I know I do. Whether it's my birthday, Christmas or my anniversary, I always, always look forward to getting my hands on wildly unwrapping that present.

If you feel the same way I do, how would you feel receiving a present on an ordinary day? No ocassion? It would feel twice as nice wouldn't it?

And that's exactly what you'll experience with every Happee Body package that arrives on your doorstep.

It's a habit I started a few months ago as part of my One Kindness a Day project. I'd throw in a gift in each order, a token of my gratitude for your purchase. Clients have been happily surprised upon opening their packages which led me to this post. Let you in on the now not-so-secret news that you're getting a little sumthin' sumthin' when you receive your order. It doesn't totally take away the element of surprise since you don't know what it is. It could be a lip balm, a scrub, a bar of soap, a new facial mask, it could be anything!

Enjoy your weekend and stay happy!



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