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Happy Habits

by Marge Maghoney

I am again at that stage where I need to get used to writing the correct (new) year. I keep writing 2015 and almost immediately correct myself and write 2016. This happens each year, you'd think by now I'd get used to the transition. But writing something for 365 consecutive days makes it a bonafide habit. But the beautiful thing about habits is that they can be changed. It may not happen in a snap but there's comfort in knowing that it can. Two things: awareness that there's something that needs to be changed and persistence in our daily actions in doing so. No habit is unchangeable and there lies a huge amount of hope that however we want to be, we can work towards that by cultivating habits we can do everyday.

So for 2016, there are things I want to improve on and below are the habits I'd like to incorporate in my day to day life to make it happen.

1. To live simply.

There are too many things, physically and mentally, that clutter my life. After that summer cross country road trip, I realized how little I really need. I can live for years with the clothes I have now. Toiletries and gifts I can make with my creativity and supplies I use for Happee Body and Matcha Skin. Food, I can do with much less than I normally consume. I had, on average, 2 (pepperoni & cheese) sandwiches, water, OJ and Matcha iced tea on our road trip and I never got hungry (I'd even snack on chips and chocolates here and there and I'd steadily still lose weight.). I will make it a habit to think it through before I purchase or consume anything.

2. To live healthier.

I want to eat better and move more. I want at least half of what I consume be vegetable or fruits. Radically cut back on fats, carbs and processed foods. With the nature of what I do, I tend to spend a lot of time sitting down, in front of the computer. I'll make it a habit to spend at least an hour working out and moving around more the rest of the day.

3. I want to be greener.

I want to have more plants in my surroundings (indoors), plant more, plant our own food and spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature. I've started with a few plants in the room and plan to fill it up with a few more. I've read that sometimes air inside your room is more toxic than it is outside so I plan to boost circulation indoors with more flora.

I also have a project that involves planting or just straight up spreading seeds everyday starting in my area for randomly growing fruit bearing trees accessible to anyone. No one will be hungry with fresh fruits ready for the picking.

I also want to plant our own fruits and vegetables. There are so many kids that don't even require that much space, just large pots -- lemon, garlic, lettuce, celery, different kinds of herbs, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, even strawberries.

4. Face to face marketing.

I need to literally go out there and market myself for my photography. I started it recently and I blow myself away how it took me this long to do so. But, no regrets. It's actually funner than sitting behind a computer. I plan to visit and reach out to at least 5 vendors a week.

5. To take it easy, not take things too seriously and really trust that no matter what, everything's going to be alright.

More often than I'd like, I find myself worrying more than I should about the future. But always, when I look back, things are always better than how they used to be. Always. I need to practice, first thing in the morning, to give thanks for the past, present and future because in my heart of hearts, I know the future will be better than how I sometimes imagine it to be.

7. Be kinder.

On November 18, 2015, I started a project I call One Kindness a Day, where I write down at least 1 act of kindness I did each day. It doesn't have to be grandiose and I've been pretty consistent since day 1. The goal is to make a habit out of it and launch a simple website listing each day's log with the hope of sharing examples of how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone else's life or at least brighten somebody's day.

What habits are you looking to change this year?

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