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No More Twinkies

by Marge Maghoney

My husband and I just finished watching 3 episodes of this show featuring 600-lb. people and their struggle to lose weight. I'm hesitant to use the word "struggle" as show after show, there was a consistent theme of excuses for not trying as hard as they could.

Don't get me wrong. I've had my own battles with weight. I think most of us do. But watching the show, I constantly found myself asking, I mean seriously, "Did you not notice something was wrong at 200...300...500 pounds?" Can you imagine the amount of food to get to that point? The conscious decision to disregard solving the problem? You don't gain that insane amount of weight overnight. You don't just wake up one morning and be like, "Holy shit, I just gained 300 lbs." It was years and years of going to the store and buying junk, indulging in crap and doing it over and over again.

And they all blamed it on something from their past, whether it be a neglectful parent, a violent spouse, an accident, you name it. And I'm thinking, "What the HELL does that have to do with ANYTHING that made you put Twinkie after fried Twinkie in your mouth? Every. Single. Day. Year. After. Freaking. Year?

The sad but inevitable part is only less than 5% of them successfully recover and a good number of them die at a young age. And to top it off, they spent their last years miserable, cooped up in their bed since they could barely move, much less walk. The last lady I saw stopped breathing just after a long car ride to the hospital.

What a crazy way to go. To live.

As depressing as the show was, there are a few good things you can take away from it. It kind of shocks you by showing what happens if you don't get your shit together now.

1. Drop that snowball. Cut the habit of snacking on junk. Once in a while is ok but if you find yourself eating crap on a daily basis, it's time to stop. Grab a freakin' apple or whatever fruit you can find or a handful of almonds or celery with some almond butter or some yogurt.

2. Don't take part in the blame game. Have some fucking accountability for who you are now. Whether you're in a good place or not is the result of a string of conscious decisions you've made. Stop pointing fingers at everyone and everything that went wrong in the past. YOU are in the PRESENT. Excuses won't get you anywhere. Take responsibility and act NOW.

3. Baby steps are HUGE. It only takes that first step and a solid commitment to consistently make little changes here and there to get you rollin'. You don't have to do anything drastic. That usually don't work. Just simple changes and follow through every day. It could start at the store. Shop right, eat right. Learn to say no when someone offers you a donut at work. Skipping the soda and upsizing when you order a meal. Walking instead of taking the car when you're just headed a couple of blocks away. Small steps lead to big, lasting changes.

4. No tolerance. On the show, it was common for the 600 pounders to be surrounded by budding heavyweights, usually their children (they either had no spouse or they already split) who would shop for or cook their food. These people are as responsible as the obese people themselves as they fed them, literally, to their death despite the horrific situation they're already in. If you really care about someone at this extreme, this is the perfect time for some tough love. Let them bitch and whine as you hand them fish and steamed carrots, they'll thank you later.

5. Love yourself. When you truly love something, do you not take good care of it? Spoiling and loving aren't the same thing. If you love gardening, do you drown your plants in water? Of course not, that will kill them. You know what amount is right and that's what you give them. Same goes with you.

We have an absolutely beautiful world we live in and such limited time to be in it. This is the only life we know so don't you think we should make the most out of it and enjoy it as fully as we can? And since this is the only life we know, this is the only body we have. Do you not want to make it the best that it possibly could be? So no more excuses, love yourself and take that first step.

Be happee.

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