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by Marge Maghoney

If I think about the many late nights I've been in bed, my phone glowing on my face as I pinned and browsed and pinned and browsed on Pinterest, I'm not surprised how this site has had quite an influence in my life. I've made a lot of delicious meals and baked goodies following recipes from it, packaged a good number of Happee Body products from ideas I've stumbles upon there, been inspired and reenergized by quotes shared by fellow pinners, visited places first seen on "Places I'd Like To Visit" boards and learned a few hacks that have made life easier.

Today, I discovered Pinterest could possibly have an even bigger part of my life.


I regularly receive emails from Shopify. I don't read them all but one stood out while I was checking my email this morning -- Pinterest Buyable Pins. Yes, that's exactly what it is. Pins you could purchase right off their website. As a buyer, though an obvious threat to my wallet, you can't deny the convenience this delivers. No more clicking on a photo (with links that sometimes don't work) and being transferred to another website to complete the transaction. Now (actually we have to wait 'til the end of June), it's yours right then and there.


However, as seller, this could be a real game changer. I've pinned Happee Body products and even some of my photography work and have received a good number of order and gigs from it. I can only imagine how this could change good to great.


The reason I received that email specifically from Shopify is that, at least for now, small business owners can only take advantage of this feature if they have a Shopify store. I'm currently running shops through Big Commerce and Smugmug and I've been procrastinating (for months) on trying out Shopify for another online business. As a newb, I found Big Commerce more user friendly so I chose it despite the fact that it was the more expensive option.


It's funny how, given the right incentive, one can swiftly turn from procratinator to innovator. Not even finishing my morning coffee, I was at it, building a Shopify version of a Happee Body shop. Good thing I didn't have anything major planned for today as I knew i wouldn't be able to focus on anything else unless I had that store up and running today.


Since Buyable Pins are still to be launched, you get put on a waitlist for Pinterest's approval. My fingers and toes are crossed. I. Can't. Wait.


Can you?

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