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Summer is Here

by Marge Maghoney

When you've been lagging in keeping yourself in shape, knowing summer is just around the corner can be quite SCARY. Clothing choices are quite limited to skin baring outfits. You realize you took way too much comfort during the winter when you can easily hide unflattering parts with pea coats and layers upon layers of clothing.

Now you have no choice.

Unless you plan on temporarily relocating to the Appalachian Mountains or be willing to be that person who wears pants on the beach, you gotsta work double time working out and religiously pass on those office donuts. It's time to bust some a**. Whatever to gotta do -- juicingpaleobikram, spin, zumbacrossfit -- it's time to up the ante.

You swear at the close of each summer for the past five years that you'll have your body ready by next summer and you see your reflection through a store's window and realize "F**k, here I am all over again."

Of course, with the time you have, you can only do so much. And I'll share with you a little secret, it's an old recipe I stumbled upon, tweaked and experimented on and it works! With the same effort, you can double, even triple, the amount of sweat (which equates to the amount of fat you burn), by just applying it on your target areas before you work out. It works even better with a body wrap.

So make each workout count. See results as if you've been spending twice the time at the gym and by summer, you'll be rockin' that bikini.

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