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The only bad workout is the one you didn't do

You know what a real legit #fomo is?! It's the fear of missing out on your best life.

And your best self.

And your best decisions.

And your best experiences.

Be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF starting this year 2020 and let this be the DECADE that you dominate LIFE.

Practice self care in the way you eat and take care of your body.

Learn to PLAY every weekend. And I mean LITERALLY play. Like a kid. Like a child does.

Go outside, bring your man, or your friend or your sister...and PLAY.

Shoot hoops, play tag, see who could run faster, throw a ball, go on a trampoline.

I think that's the secret to staying young, in mind and in heart.

We all forget how to play. To have fun without our phones. To live. To laugh. To really CONNECT.

You can't imagine how much healthier you'll be as an added bonus.

Make every step, every dance, every jump count.

Double your sweat with Super Sweat Oil (available at until supplies last).

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