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Top 10 Skincare Essentials for the Frugal Chick

by Marge Maghoney

Whether you're a student, a single mom trying to make ends meet or someone just starting out and making minimum wage or simply a frugal chick who's smart with spending, this one's for you. 

No excuses, for anyone of us, in being sloppy when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Because it doesn't cost a pretty penny to maintain an effective beauty regimen. When it comes down to it, there's only a handful of things we need to cover the basics.  The only reason we ladies accumulate so much makeup, skincare and bath products is because of the bajillion options and varieties available to us out there. If it's super cute, smells diviiine, promises results AND doesn't hurt our pockets, we have to have it.

So I'm not going to sit here like an asshole and just blog about my products. People who make/sell skincare products who claim they only use their brand is pretty much just a marketing liar. To you or to themselves.

NOBODY lives just within the confines their brand.

And if they do, they're hella missing out. On the chance, more on the FACT, that somebody (more like a corporation) is out there who have mastered making something superior and more effective than what they have. 

The $55 billion beauty industry is a massive sea of options and I looove swimming in it. And price rarely dictates quality so below are a few of my favorite beauty essentials for the smart chick on a budget. Not only have I tried them but they're all currently in use. Why? Three things (aside from an affordable price range): they work with excellent results, they last for months (stretching out your dollar even more) and they smell absofreakinlutely amazing.

Here we go.

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